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We deserve to be happy at work. Life is short. Work somewhere awesome

AdobeStock_53430432_WMA life well lived is not measured by the number of years but by personal accomplishments, connections and dreams.

The road to one’s dream job is filled with potholes and wrong turns, not to mention detours.  Eventually, many of us lose our way; rather than struggle on, we stay where we are until we’ve forgotten where we were originally heading. At some future time in our lives, we come to see how we happened into our careers by chance; we begin to ruminate about doing something that makes us happy or gives us meaning, but we don’t know what that even looks like nor do we think it’s possible to “start over”.

Some people look to grow in an existing environment, other times they want to explore new directions. I take a coach approach when I’m helping someone prepare their resume, both to ensure that the client is firm about the purpose of the resume and that I am in alignment with that purpose. From start to finish, it’s a collaborative process. I am not simply putting together a resume for my client; I am crafting it with him or her. I want the finished product to be in the client’s own voice, so to speak, and the client must be comfortable with it. And I want the experience to be enjoyable.

It’s relatively easy to put someone’s skills and experience on paper; the difficulty comes in culling what’s applicable and relevant and what makes you valuable. There is a natural tendency to write what it is we do or what we are “responsible for”, which doesn’t say much about what makes us perfect for a particular position.  With my guidance I can help you translate that information into specific accomplishments and successes. My desire to see you succeed will most likely have me asking you how you will expound on your resume when you are in an interview. – a bit of “role-play” to help you prepare.

I have nearly 20 years experience writing resumes for other people; in addition, I have had extensive training as a career coach. With my objectivity I help people move beyond ingrained beliefs and actions that limit their progress.  My purpose for serving others in this way was driven by my own experience; I have had a myriad of careers, always wondering if this was what I was meant to do, and inevitably knowing it was not. I wanted to wake up and feel like the luckiest person in the world because I loved what I was doing, and did it well.

We deserve to be happy at work. Life is short. Work somewhere awesome.

How I Can Help You


Resume Writing

I can help you determine what needs to be included  – actions and accomplishments on your resume along with the proper format and language.

We will determine the best format.

Developing your resume is a collaborative experience – I do not prepare cookie cutter resumes.

Career Coaching

I can help you determine your career objective, if you don’t know it already.

We will discuss what type of company/culture are you looking for.

I will help you identify your transferable skills.

We will explore any issues with your current position.

We will also identify any relevant missing skills.

I will coach you through the process, especially if you have been resisting doing what needs to be done for any reason.

Interview Coaching

We will prepare for different scenarios.

I will help you prepare your responses to common questions.

We will role play, and I will help you develop poise and confidence.

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